Arlo Camera Setup

Installing an Arlo camera in the house is an excellent way to ward off unwanted visitors. The camera facilitates you with panoramic views and the ultimate quality night vision. The background noise gets minimized with the help of noise-canceling technology. With that said, if you’re worried about your home security, you should consider doing Arlo camera setup. But, do you know what are the steps involved in the process? No? Read this guide then. Here, you’ll learn everything about Arlo cameras.

Arlo login my account

Arlo Base Station Setup

Before setting up the Arlo camera via the Arlo setup app, it is necessary that you install the Arlo base station a.k.a. SmartHub. FYI, it is the Arlo base station that allows you to view Arlo camera streams after getting connected to your access point. Installation of an Arlo SmartHub is as simple as counting from 1-10. Refer to the below-listed instructions to learn about Arlo base station setup:

  • Power up your Arlo SmartHub after connecting it to a well-working power socket.
  • The LED on the Arlo base station will light up.
  • Now, create an Ethernet connection between your Arlo base station and router.
  • Mention the required default Arlo account login credentials in the appropriate fields.

Congratulations! Your Arlo base station has been set up successfully. However, if any issue emerges while installing the Arlo SmartHub, you can connect with our technical experts for quick help.

Know Your Arlo Camera

An Arlo camera can be installed after connecting it to the SmartHub. The Arlo SmartHub functions to shield your home by adding a separate network to your access point. It also works perfectly with other smart home devices. Following are the top-notch features of an Arlo camera that you will be able to take benefit of after installing it via the Arlo setup app

Arlo Pro 3
4K and HDR

It allows you to see a crystal clear picture. Thanks to the high-performing lenses of the Arlo camera!

Enhanced Night Vision

You can see the video in color rather than traditional black and white due to color night vision technology.

Arlo Pro 2
Integrated Spotlight

One of the best technologies housed by Arlo cameras to light up the night and keep intruders at bay.

Arlo pro Login
Panoramic View

Auto image correction resulting in reduced fisheye effect allows you to have a 180 diagonal field view.

Arlo Q
Noise Cancelling Technology

Have a conversation with visitors with crystal-clear two-way audio.

Arlo Q Plus
Zoom and Tracking

An Arlo camera automatically focuses on moving objects providing you with a detailed view.

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Arlo Camera Setup – Primary Installation

With the installation of your Arlo SmartHub, you can begin setting up the Arlo camera. Thus, take out the camera from the packaging if you haven’t unpacked it yet. Thereafter, follow the steps given below:

  • Insert the battery of your Arlo camera into the battery compartment.
  • Time to insert your Arlo camera into housing!
  • Now, press the Sync button on your Arlo base station.
  • Find and press the same button on your Arlo security camera.
  • Your Arlo devices will sync.

Now, let’s take a step forward and learn about the final steps of installing an Arlo camera.

Arlo Camera Setup – Final Steps

Once you’re done syncing your Arlo security camera and base station, the instructions mentioned in this section can be given a shot to finalize the camera setup process. This is to inform you that both the Arlo setup app as well as the web URL can help you set up the camera. Here’s how to use them for installing your Arlo security device:

  1. Ensure that your Arlo camera and base station are synced properly.
  2. Now, get your hands on a mobile phone in case the final installation is being done via the Arlo app.
  3. If you want to proceed with the web URL, you can take the assistance of a laptop or desktop.
  4. No matter whether you use the app or URL, the next screen welcoming you will be the Arlo camera login screen.
  5. Here, you have to click the option labeled New to Arlo.
  6. Finish creating your Arlo login account.
  7. Once done, a few on-screen instructions will come to your aid with the rest of the setup process.
Arlo Setup

That’s it! Your Arlo camera has been successfully set up. Now, you can wall mount it and monitor every corner of your house. However, we would like to tell you that you need to reduce the WiFi interference from the path of your Arlo base station and camera. Else, there are chances that you’ll get blurred vision or no vision at all. You are also likely to become deprived of crystal-clear audio. Thus, proper placement of the camera is essential. In case you need help with the final steps of Arlo camera installation, our experts are ready to help you out. Just ping them and get personalized assistance.

Tips for Arlo Camera Login

You can’t set up an Arlo camera until you get logged in to it. That is why we’ve summed up a few important tips that will help you successfully do Arlo security camera login and thereafter setup.

  1. Never proceed to log in to your Arlo using an outdated version of the Arlo setup app or web browser.
  2. The login details must be entered carefully. Due to their case-sensitive nature, you can consider turning off the Caps Lock key on the keyboard.
  3. If you are using web address to access your Arlo login account, make sure that it is being entered into the address field only.
  4. Get rid of any viruses (if present) on the device you are using to do Arlo security camera login.

How to Aim Arlo Camera?

Aiming the Arlo camera allows you to make real-time adjustments to the camera position. Hence, you can watch the camera stream on your smartphone without any buffer. However, while positioning the camera, lower-quality video will be available. However, panoramic views will be available again when the camera has been aimed properly. The following are the steps that will guide you about aiming the Arlo camera with the help of the camera’s positioning mode:

  1. Launch the Arlo app.
  2. If it demands Arlo login account details, key in the username and password.
  3. Tap Log in.
  4. Now, select the Settings menu and move to the My Devices option.
  5. Tap Camera.
  6. Locate the Device Utilities option and tap it.
  7. Select the Camera Positioning option.
  8. Video streaming will begin.
  9. Adjust the camera until a clear view of the targeted area is available.

Kudos! Your Arlo camera has been aimed successfully. Just in case, you do not want to use the Arlo setup app, the web address is always available to help you aim the camera.

Arm Arlo Camera to Detect Motion

You can control the rules your Arlo camera uses to record and detect motion. The four modes Armed, Disarmed, Scheduled, and Geofencing can help you adjust the motion detection rules. FYI, these modes can be customized via the Arlo app. Not only this, but you can also create custom modes on your Arlo camera. To know more about creating camera motion detection modes, you can get in touch with our Arlo support team. They are working morning, noon, and night to help users struggling with Arlo camera setup issues.

How to View Arlo Camera Feeds?

The Arlo camera feed lets you manage and monitor your security device. In addition to that, you can also view and listen to the live feed that your Arlo is recording. Apart from that, you can record, expand, minimize, and take a snapshot of the video. Moreover, activation of the spotlight on the camera can also be done by accessing the Arlo camera feed. The steps mentioned below will help you know how to view Arlo camera feeds.

  1. Launch the Arlo app on your smartphone and insert the Arlo login account details.
  2. The Arlo camera setup dashboard shows up as soon as you tap the Log in button.
  3. Now, tap the Camera Feed option.
  4. You will be able to view the camera feed updates with the help of their respective icons.
  5. If you want to stop viewing and listening to the live feed, tap the Stop icon.
Arlo Setup

It was easy to view the live feed status of the Arlo camera. We are hopeful that now you have become aware of viewing what your camera records. So, scroll further and know how to pan and zoom the live video.

Pan and Zoom Arlo Camera Videos

Arlo camera videos whether recorded or live can be panned and zoomed in order to view the high-definition details. You just have to pinch and drag any image. Refer to the steps given below to pan and zoom Arlo videos by accessing the Arlo camera setup wizard.

  1. Do Arlo security camera login using the Arlo login account details.
  2. Select the Library option.
  3. Click or tap any live or prerecorded video from the Arlo library.
  4. If you are using the Arlo app, pinch and zoom in and out of the video.
  5. To move around the zoomed-in frame, touch, and drag.
  6. If you have used the web address on your computer, click the Zoom icon.
  7. Now, you can use your mouse to move around the zoomed frame.

This is how you can pan and zoom videos after Arlo camera login. However, you can also use the Smart Zoom feature to do the same for the live video. You can get in touch with our team to know how to pan and zoom an Arlo camera live video using the Smart Zoom feature.

Arlo Camera Login | Arlo Login

Gone are the days when you used to worry about your home security. With the Arlo camera setup done at home, you don’t have to worry anymore. Whether you are there at home or out of the home, everything is taken care of by this awesome Arlo security camera. Right from the initial installation to viewing the recorded or live streams, everything is easy and simple. You just need to do Arlo account login. But first, you need to create one. How to create an Arlo account, how to do an Arlo camera login and how to fix Arlo login issues, detailed info about all this is provided here on this page.

Creating Arlo Login Account

As mentioned earlier, it is very easy to create an Arlo login account. Here is how you can create an Arlo camera login account.

Arlo Camera Login Account via Arlo App

  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Search for the Arlo app in the Play Store or the App Store(varies depending upon the phone’s OS)
  • Download the app.
  • Launch the Arlo app when it is installed.
  • Tap on the Create Account option on the mobile screen.
  • Fill in the required information as asked on the screen.

The Arlo security login account has been created successfully using the Arlo app. Now you can do Arlo app login and manage your Arlo camera efficiently.

Arlo Camera Login

Arlo Camera Login Account via Web Browser

  • Power up a computer or a laptop.
  • Launch a web browser that is updated to the latest version. Using an updated version helps to avoid Arlo login issues.
  • In the URL bar of the browser, enter and press the Enter key.
  • Click on Create Account on the page that opens up.
  • Thereafter, fill in the required details on the form that appears.

You have successfully created an Arlo security camera login account using the web interface.

This is about how to create an Arlo security camera login account. After creating the account, you can set your camera up at your home. The procedure for the same is also mentioned on this website.

How to Do Arlo Account Login?

After the Arlo security camera setup is done, you can view live feeds, recorded feeds with high-quality night visions, and panoramic views on your phone as well as your laptop or computer. But for that, you got to do Arlo login my account first. How to log in to the Arlo account to view feeds or change and manage settings, let us see.

Arlo App Login

  • Unlock your smartphone on which you have installed the Arlo app.
  • Tap on the Arlo app icon to launch it.
  • Now, tap on Login or Sign In option.
  • Enter the Arlo app login details on the screen. Fill in the correct email id and password that you used while creating the Arlo login my account. Refrain from making typing errors to avoid getting Arlo login issue.
  • Finally, tap on Log In button to log in to the Arlo account.
Arlo App Login

Arlo Web Interface Login

  • Using your computer or laptop, launch an internet browser.
  • Visit by entering the URL in the address bar of the browser.
  • On the screen that opens up, you need to enter the login email id and password that you created while the initial account was made.
  • Clicking on the Log In button will take you inside the Arlo security camera account.

Although creating an Arlo login account and doing Arlo account login is pretty simple and doesn’t need much technical expertise, still many times users get stuck during the process. If you are one among them, then you can contact our technical expert team to help you out. However, you can also try troubleshooting Arlo login problems using the guidelines mentioned ahead.

Troubleshooting Arlo Login Issues

If at any point in time, you are unable to get through the Arlo login process, then follow these steps to get rid of Arlo login problems:

  • While you are trying to access the Arlo security camera login account using the web browser method, you need to make sure that the browser that is put to use is running on an updated version of the software. An older version may sometimes prevent you from loading certain web pages.
  • Another issue with the web browser is accumulated cache and junk files. Thus, consider clearing out the cache, cookies, and browsing history before you try to access the Arlo login account.
  • Another probable reason for Arlo login issues is the obsolete OS of the PC. Hence, it is recommended that you use a computer or laptop that has an updated OS installed on it.
  • Likewise, if you are accessing the Arlo login account on your phone and facing Arlo login problems, then update the OS of the phone first.
  • An older version of the Arlo app to do Arlo app login can also cause issues. So, we recommend you update the Arlo app by heading toward the Play Store or the App Store.
  • Using the correct web address and login details is mandatory to access the Arlo security login account to ditch any Arlo login issue. There need to be zero spelling errors in the Arlo login web address, email id and password. Apart from this, check that the Caps Lock key is disabled.
  • You can also try disabling the antivirus or firewall temporarily before accessing the Arlo account login page. But do not forget to enable it back right after you are done with the task at hand.

Need Further Help?

That’s it about fixing Arlo login issues. Under any circumstances, if the Arlo login problems are not leaving your side and you can’t do Arlo login my account even after following the above steps, then consider getting in touch with our expert team.

Arlo Camera – FAQs

1. Can I mix and match Arlo cameras?
Yes, you can mix and match as many as Arlo cameras until your subscription plan supports the same. If you have already added the number of Arlo cameras supported by the subscription plan, then update the plan or remove the other camera.
2. Is the Arlo setup app free?
A. Yes, the Arlo app is completely free. You can use it to manage and monitor your Arlo devices by doing the Arlo app login. The Arlo app can be easily downloaded from the App Store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store) of your mobile device.
3. How is Arlo essential indoor camera different from Arlo Q?
Arlo essential indoor cameras have replaced Arlo Q cameras. Their design is completely different from Arlo Q and includes a privacy shutter that will close in a blink of an eye making the person believe that he’s not being watched.
4. How far I should place the Arlo camera from the router?
The Arlo camera needs to be placed within the range of the home router. However, you have to pay special attention to the obstacles such as stucco walls, metallic barriers, or electromagnetic waves emitting devices. Let our expert guide you in case you’re confused about Arlo placement.
5. How to add an Arlo camera to Arlo Wire-free camera system?
A. It is quite easy to add an Arlo camera to a wire-free camera system, just do Arlo security camera login via the mobile application, tap the + icon, and follow as directed. However, if you choose to visit, you have to select Add Device option.
6. How long can my Arlo camera keep footage?
An Arlo security camera can keep footage for up to 30 days after recording. However, you have to go through the Arlo security login process and access the Arlo library in order to view the clip.
7. How to change the Arlo login account password?
Open the Arlo app, and select Settings > Profile > Login Settings. On the next screen, input the old password once and the new password twice. Thereafter, tap Change password. The Arlo camera login password will get changed. If you need more help, reach out to our experts.
8. Can I grant Arlo camera access to my friends?
Your friends can view live streams from your cameras. However, you have to add them to your  Arlo security login account after completing the Arlo camera setup process. Simply, do Arlo security login, select Settings > Grant Access > Add. Fill in the required details and tap Send Invite.
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