Arlo Essential VMC2030 Blinking Red Light

Arlo Essential VMC2030 Blinking Red Light. What to Do?

Is your Arlo VMC2030 blinking red light? Well, that’s not a normal behavior. Your camera’s LED light is supposed to flash blue, purple, or amber on various occasions but not red. Walk through the information provided in this blog to understand why the camera is flashing red light after completing Arlo Essential Spotlight camera setup. You will also get to know how to fix this problem.

Why is Arlo Essential VMC2030 Blinking Red Light?

The red light you are seeing on your VMC2030 Essential camera is the Infrared LED that lights up in the dark conditions. It means when there are low light conditions; the camera’s IR lights go on. However, if the lights are on even during the day, you are suggested to change the location of the camera. May be you have placed/mounted it in dark. While changing the camera’s location, you are suggested to take care of a few things that are mentioned below:

  • Objects like walls, light fixtures, or eaves must be more than 2.5 inches away from the side as well as the front of your camera. They result in a hazy video as they create glare making your camera believe that there’s low light.
  • The angle of the camera should be adjusted in such a way that the motion you want to detect appears in the lower part of the recorded video or image.
  • Your Arlo VMC2030 camera must not be aiming through glass or transparent object. This is because motion sensor decreases when it aims through plastic, glass, or a mirror.

Solutions: Arlo Camera Blinking Red Light

Although the appearance of the red light on your Arlo VMC2030 is not a bad thing, still if it shows up every now and then, you should change the camera’s placement. And if that also fails to work for you, you are supposed to pay attention to the techniques highlighted below. Some of them might require you to do Arlo app login. Thus, make sure that you have the latest version of the app installed on your mobile phone.

1. Reboot the Camera

Arlo VMC2030 is a wireless security camera and hence rebooting it does not actually require much effort. Simply, remove the camera’s battery from its casing and keep it outside for 10 seconds. Once done, re-insert the battery and check if the red light is still showing up. In case, the same thing is happening with your wired camera, you are suggested to unplug it and replug it after a gap of a few seconds.

Reboot the Camera

2. Update the Firmware

Updating the firmware of the Arlo camera can also help you out in resolving the problem. Thus, you should log in to the Arlo app and see if there are pending updates available for your VMC2030. If there is any, install it without much delay. The same process can also be carried out with the help of the web GUI of the camera. There, you need to access the Arlo sign in URL i.e. to log in and update the firmware.

3. Change Motion Sensitivity

On the off-chance the IR LED of the camera stays on even when there is no actual motion out there, we suggest you change the motion sensitivity settings of the camera. You should keep them low. Otherwise, the camera will even start sensing the motion even when a leaf gets plucked due to wind. We also suggest you charge the camera’s battery to 100% as IR lights consume a lot of battery and that affects the camera’s performance a lot.

In Conclusion

As far we’ve discussed, the Arlo Essential VMC2030 blinking red light issue occurs due to very high motion sensitivity, low light conditions during day, or low battery. We hope that after taking care of the given things, you will be able to make the most of your wireless security camera.