Arlo Setup Page Slow to Load

Arlo Setup Page Slow to Load [Troubleshooting Guide]

After accessing the Arlo setup page, it is possible for a user to change the settings of the camera and update its firmware. One can also perform related troubleshooting after complete Arlo login and reaching the camera setup page. But, there are times when the Arlo setup page slow to load issue shows up. In that case, the tips given in this blog will help you out.

Why is Arlo Setup Page Slow to Load?

You must be aware of the reasons why the setup page of your Arlo camera is slow to load. The following are the hurdles that might cause the problem in the discussion:

  • The internet connection is poor
  • You are using a cached or an outdated web browser
  • An antivirus software is forcing the Arlo setup page to load slow
  • There is an ad-blocking program installed on your web browser that is delaying access to the login page

Before you walk through the next section and learn how to fix the problem, you should reboot your Arlo camera as well as the computer on which you are trying to access the Arlo setup page. This will fix technical glitches.

Fixed: Arlo Setup Page Slow to Load

  • Check the Internet Connection: Perform a speed test on your PC and check if the internet connection is all perfect. In the case of poor internet speeds, you are suggested to check the cables linked to your router. The computer must be having a faster internet connection. Above all, it should be connected to the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Contact your ISP in case fixing cable connections don’t help you out.
  • Update the Internet Browser: Outdated web browsers generally work slowly. There are chances that the Arlo login camera page is not shifting to the dashboard due to this very reason. Therefore, to fix the Arlo setup page slow to load issue, you are recommended to upgrade the browser in use. Apart from this, you should consider clearing the cache and cookies. Both activities can be performed via the Settings section of the web browser.

Internet Browser

  • Temporarily Disable Antivirus: Sometimes, the setup page takes time to load because of an antivirus program on the PC. Yes, we agree that antivirus programs prevent your PC and other devices from viruses. But, they can also prevent faster access to networking gadgets official management pages. Thus, you should temporarily disable the antivirus program from your computer. Move to the Control Panel of your PC for that.
  • Remove Ad-blockers: Ad-blockers are meant to provide faster access to certain websites as they block the ads. However, the case is opposite when you are trying to access the Arlo setup page. There is a high possibility that the setup page is not loading faster because the ad-blocking extension on your web browser is creating problems. Thus, you should remove or temporarily disable that extension. After that, perform Arlo secure login and manage the camera settings.

Interference from other gadgets can also cause the problem in discussion. Therefore, make sure that the camera is located in a WiFi interference free zone. It shouldn’t be aiming through a glass window or a similar object.

The Final Words

That’s all about what to do to get rid of the Arlo setup page slow to load issue. It is expected that with the help of techniques given above, you will be able to manage and monitor your Arlo camera without any problem.