Arlo VMB4000 Base Station Not Discovering via App

Why is Arlo VMB4000 Base Station Not Discovering via App?

Arlo Base Stations help a user connect his cameras or doorbells to the internet and have peace of mind after ensuring the home’s safety. These Base Stations can be installed via the Arlo app after Arlo dashboard login.

However, there are times when the Base Station is not discovered via the app. Are you also facing the same situation? If yes, read the blog. To make the troubleshooting easier for you, we are considering the case where the Arlo VMB4000 Base Station is not being discovered via the app.

Reasons and Fixes: Arlo VMB4000 Not Discovering

Before you start troubleshooting the problem, make sure that the Base Station VMB4000 is connected to a stable power supply. Without that, the app will find it difficult to find the Base Station.

  • Check the Base Station and Router Connection: Have a look at the Ethernet cable connecting your main router and the Arlo Base Station. The cable connection should be made with the help of a non-damaged cable and must be stable and secure.

Note: You need to ensure that you connect the Base Station to the router before you power it up. Otherwise, the problem you are facing will continue to trouble you.

  • Verify the Lights on Your Base Station: You should now have look at the Internet light on your Base Station. The following table will help you troubleshoot the problem.
Internet LED Color Reason Troubleshooting
Solid or blinking green The Base Station is connected to internet. If Arlo VMB4000 Base Station still not discovering, ensure that your mobile phone is connected to the same network as Base Station. Know that this is the root cause of Arlo camera not connecting issue in the case of camera.
Solid amber There is a network connection problem. Reboot the Base Station and check the Ethernet connection too.
Off The Base Station is not connected to router. Try using the router’s different port or another Ethernet cable to connect your devices.
  • Connect to Main Router in Mesh System: There are chances that you are using a mesh system. If you are, then ensure that the Base Station is connected to main router. You must not connect your Base Station to satellite nodes.
  • Perform a Factory Reset: If the Base Station is still not getting discovered by the app, you are suggested to perform a factory reset of the Base Station. You are supposed to press and hold the Reset button of the Base Station for 10 seconds at least. You should do that with the help of a paper clip or a pen until the LEDs on the Arlo Base Station blinks amber.

Your Base Station will reboot once the lights stop blinking. The Arlo VMB4000 Base Station will be removed from your Arlo account. You can re-onboard your Base Station using the Arlo sign in details once the Internet light becomes solid green.

The Conclusion

The Arlo VMB4000 Base Station not discovering issue can affect the internet connectivity of doorbells and cameras present in your house. Therefore, it is necessary to connect it to the internet. We hope that after ensuring cable connections and connecting your router to the Base Station, you will be able to fix the problem.

If things are still not working in your favor, you can opt for resetting the Base Station and setting it up once again using the Arlo Secure app.