Arlo Camera Not Recording? Top 5 Easy Solutions to Fix

Is your Arlo camera not recording when motion detected? Isn’t it quite frustrating if you cannot able to watch about what’s going around yours when there can be chances of incidents like thefts or other crimes? What’s the point of having an Arlo security camera if it does not work when you really need it?

So here we will provide you every best possible solution to help you to fix Arlo Camera Not Recording error. So to keep your loved ones safe when you are not near to them.

Topics Covered in the Article

  1. Fix Arlo camera not recording error via the app
  2. Fix Arlo camera footage playback issue on browsers
  3. Can’t playback the Arlo recorded videos: Reasons & Fixes

Fix Arlo Camera Not Recording Error Via App

If you are enabled to watch the live footage on your smartphone via the Arlo app, you can try the following 3 solutions.

If you are enabled to watch the live footage on your smartphone via the Arlo app, you can try the following 3 solutions.

Solution 1: Check whether your Android or iOS smartphone is connected to the Internet. If you have connected your smartphone to your home WiFi network, ensure that your wireless router is having a proper internet connection.

If you are using the cellular network on your smartphone to view the live footage, make your smartphone is not interfered by some other network devices, or cannot be online due to the ISP.

Solution 2: Update your Arlo app to the latest version to fix the ‘Arlo not recording all motion’ issue.

Solution 3: Make sure that your smartphone is compatible with the Arlo app. If not, try to see the recorded video or live footage via log into your web-based Arlo account (from your cmputer).

Fix Arlo Camera Footage Playback Issue on Browsers

To fix video playback, you have to access Arlo Login My account via a web browser on your computer. You can check the below-mentioned easy 4 ways to fix Arlo playback issue:

Solution 1: Check if your Arlo camera is connected to the Internet. Without an Internet connection, you cannot able to view Arlo camera recorded videos.

Solution 2: Ensure that you have mentioned the correct IP address of your Arlo camera.

Solution 3: Try to upgrade your web browser or use another web browser.

Solution 4: Check whether your Arlo camera has recorded the footage or not. You can consider the aforementioned easy solutions to fix web browsers for Arlo playback issue:

  • IE
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Can’t Playback the Arlo Recorded Videos: Reasons & Fixes

Before you dive into the Arlo camera troubleshooting, you should check the reasons why Arlo playback is not working.

Reason: Your Arlo camera loses connections to the power or network.

Solution: Plug-in the loose power cable again and change if there is any faulty old power or network cables

Reason: The old firmware of your Arlo camera would hold you back the recorded footage.

Solution: Try to upgrade the firmware of your Arlo camera. The regular firmware update can help you to fix the internal bugs and let your Arlo camera to run smoothly.