Arlo Error Code 1120: What is It and How to Fix It?

The installation of Arlo security cameras in the house to keep a hawk eye on everything happening around there has become a common thing these days. Although they are marvelous gadgets when it comes to home security, some users face issues with them. Recently, some users complaint that they got an Arlo Error code 1120 in an attempt to access their security cameras. The reason was unknown. If you too are also struggling with the same problem, you can rely on this post that will not only reveal behind the scenes of this error but will also provide you with reliable solutions to fix it.

When Does the Arlo Error Code 1120 Show Up?

More than 70 percent of users faced this issue when their security cameras went through automatic Arlo firmware update. This is to inform you that some Arlo cameras get updated automatically. On the other hand, you need to load a specific firmware file on the camera manually. According to this scenario, there is a possibility that the camera caught a glitch during the firmware update process.
Chances are also that the firmware updated did not complete and you started pushing your camera for work. Thus, you are left with a few solutions that we are going to discuss further.

Solutions: Arlo Error Code 1120

Before starting the troubleshooting process, we recommend you power cycle the camera. Power cycling will revive the performance of your camera and also provide it with the ability to fight technical glitches. Rebooting process varies according to the camera category. If the camera has a removeable battery, you have to take it out, and insert it back after a gap of 10 seconds. On the other hand, if the camera operates via direct power, you need to disconnect the power cord for a few minutes and reconnect it.

1 Try to Access the Camera via Web Portal

Maybe the Arlo Secure app is down for maintenance due to which you are getting an error managing and accessing the security camera. There is an alternative method too. All you have to do is access the camera through the web portal. Simply, connect your computer to the WiFi network on which your security camera is present and visit on a web browser. When asked for Arlo login credentials, input them very carefully and tweak the camera’s settings.

Arlo Error Code

2. Upgrade the Firmware Again

Since the Arlo Error Code 1120 was noticed after the firmware update process, there is a chance that the firmware wasn’t uploaded. Thus, we suggest you carry out the camera firmware update once again. Of course, you need to go through the process manually this time. Simply, access the Arlo setup URL on a web browser and go to the camera’s settings. There you will find the option to upgrade the firmware. You are also free to upload the firmware file as per your wish. But, while doing that, you have to be very sure that you are uploading the file that belongs to the camera model you own.

Note: The firmware update process must be completed without interruption. We recommend you not disconnect your PC from the internet or play games while the firmware update is on.

3. Sync the Camera and Base Station Again

Perhaps, the camera has lost the sync with the Base Station due to which it became inaccessible. Thus, it is recommended that you sync your Arlo devices again. For this, press the Sync button on your security camera, and then on the Base Station or the Arlo Smart Hub. The button on the second device is supposed to be pressed within the time limit of 2 minutes. The devices won’t sync otherwise. However, you cannot employ this technique if you have directly connected your camera to the router.

4. Restart the Hub/Base Station/Router

You cannot neglect the device providing the internet connection to the camera when it comes to accessing it. Maybe the router or Base Station or the Smart Hub to which you have connected your camera itself is not getting an internet connection. Before you get involved in a talk with your ISP, we recommend you check things by yourself. First of all, restart the Arlo Hub/Base Station or your router. This will wipe of technical glitches. If that doesn’t fix the issue for you, you are recommended to verify the cable connections related to your device. The cables in use must be free of damages. At last, you can contact your ISP to examine internet-related issues.

The Concluding Words

This was all about addressing the Arlo Error Code 1120. We are hopeful that with the aid of the techniques given here, you will be able to access your camera via the app once again. On the off chance, you are still running out of luck, you can reset the camera to its default camera and set it up once again. In this entire procedure, you will have to add the camera to the account again.