Arlo Night Vision Not Working

Arlo Night Vision Not Working – Why and How to Troubleshoot

The Night Vision is a feature that allows a person to see at night. This technology is now available in many security cameras and Arlo security camera is one of them. But, various users have complaint about Arlo Night Vision Not Working on their cameras. If you also have a similar kind of complaint, then we suggest you check if you’ve enabled this feature or not before you attempt to do anything else. The Arlo app or the login URL can help you identify the same. If the feature is not working even after you’ve enabled it, read the information given in the post.

When to Conclude: Arlo Night Vision Not Working

The camera’s inability to record at night is the most common symptom that tells that the Night Vision feature is not helping you out. In addition that, you can conclude with the following situations whether the Night Vision feature on your camera is working or not.

  • In General Cameras: When the infrared LED on your security camera does not turn on even in low light condition, you can say that the Night Vision feature isn’t working.
  • In Baby Cameras: The infrared LEDs on the Arlo baby camera are generally dim. Thus, you should carefully observe them in low-light conditions. If they are actually off, then you can definitely say that your camera’s Night Vision feature is not helping you out.

Now that you have understood when to say that the Night Vision on the camera is not working, you should move to the next section to learn when it happens.

Reasons Why Arlo Night Vision is Not Working

There are various reasons due to which the Night Vision feature of the camera might bug you. Below, we have mentioned the common ones:

  • Your security camera is facing a reflective surface
  • Lighting conditions aren’t appropriate
  • The camera isn’t getting a stable power supply
  • The lens of your camera is dirty
  • You haven’t updated the firmware of your camera from a long time

Before you jump to the troubleshooting part of the blog, we want you to reboot the security camera. In order to do that, you have to remove its battery from the casing and re-insert it after a few minutes. In case your camera receives direct power from a power adapter, you should disconnect the cable and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Resolved: Arlo Night Vision Not Working

  • Keep Reflective Surfaces Away: Reflective surfaces tend to bounce infrared rays due to which the Night Vision of the camera get blurred or doesn’t work at all. Therefore, you must keep your wireless/wired security camera far from reflective surfaces. To name some, do not place the camera near glass windows or mirrors. In case you have to keep the camera there anyhow, you should not enable the feature.
  • Try to Adjust Lighting: We have already mentioned that improper lighting conditions can make you face such a problem. Therefore, you are suggested to opt for a hit and trial method. In this method, you have to bring your camera in a low light condition. And just after that, bring it in a bright light situation. Once you do that, there are high chances that the problem will get resolved as the camera will attempt to adjust itself according to the lighting conditions.
  • Ensure the Battery/Power Status: The camera’s Night Vision might not be able to help you out in inappropriate power conditions. This is to inform you that the infrared switches demand more power and hence draws the same. It means the camera will draw more electricity from the power socket/battery. Thus, you need to be very sure about that. The battery of the camera (wireless) must be charged. In case you are using a wired camera, be certain that you aren’t using a very thin cable as it can increase potential difference resulting in various problems.

Ensure the Battery/Power Status:

  • Clean the Lens: When the camera’s lens has something over it, then also the Arlo Night Vision not working problem shows up. In this scenario, it is recommended that you check the camera lens. If it is found dirty, you are suggested to clean it as soon as possible. The dust and mist can also prevent the camera’s Night Vision feature from working properly. The reason being, dust and fog tend to absorb infrared rays causing problems.
  • Install the Latest Firmware: There is also a possibility that the firmware of your security camera has become outdated due to which the Night Vision is not working. The only solution left in this case is to update the firmware of the camera. Thus, you are suggested to log in to your camera through the Arlo setup app and see if a new firmware version is available. If there is any, you should update the firmware right away.

To Sum Up

The blog explaining what to do fix the Arlo Night Vision not working issue comes to an end now. It is anticipated that you will be able to make this feature work after implementing the techniques mentioned above.