Security Camera Not Connecting to WiFi Range Extender

Arlo Security Camera Not Connecting to WiFi Range Extender?

Is that a big yes? No problem. We will help you find out the reason why is your Arlo security camera system not connecting to WiFi extender. Later on, we will shed light on the several solutions through which you can eliminate the connectivity issue in a hassle-free manner. Given this, do not let go of more time prior to reading this blog post.

Why is Arlo Security Camera Not Connecting?

1st Reason: Technical Glitches

The foremost factor which could have contributed to the issue that you are experiencing is the existence of technical glitches. A glitch is usually a malfunction of one of the hardware or software related components of the device. It starts affecting the functionality of the device literally out of nowhere. In other words, it is a guest who is uninvited.

2nd Reason: Redundant Distance

A proper distance between the camera and extender is needed if you want to connect them without facing any issues. But, considering you are facing issues, it means that the distance is not proper. Is your camera kept in a separate room and the range extender is in the other one? And there, you just found the reason why you have a connectivity issue on board.

3rd Reason: Signal Interference

WiFi interference occurs when external signals disrupt the functionality of the connection, in this case, the extender. Such interference is caused by cordless phones, baby monitors, treadmills, televisions, microwave ovens, washing machines, and Bluetooth speakers. Some reflexive surfaces can also cause interference like mirrors, glasses, and fish tanks.

4th Reason: Overheated Device

Once of the many reasons why you are facing the Arlo camera system not connecting to WiFi extender issue is because you have placed the extender under direct sunlight due to which it has overheated. To learn what can be done about this, you ought to walk through the solution given in the next segment of this blog.

5th Reason: Hardware Problem

The last reason why you cannot connect the camera to the extender is because there is some hardware-related problem. It could have occurred after you set up the camera via the Arlo app. Perhaps, a component of the camera is jammed, which is impacting its entire performance thereby also preventing it from making a connection with the range extender.

How to Make Arlo Camera Connect to Extender?

1st Solution: Restart Devices

The easiest manner in which one can get rid of technical glitches is by restarting the device. Considering we are not aware which of the devices is the culprit here, we would suggest you to reboot the Arlo camera as well the extender to which you want to connect to. For your information, the order in which you execute the process does not matter.

2nd Solution: Reduce Distance

Without wasting any more time, reduce the distance between the Arlo camera and the wireless range extender. Make sure that they are kept in the same room till the time the connection does not get established properly. As soon as it does, you are free to change the placement of the camera. You should know that this applies to the range extender as well.

3rd Solution: Relocate Extender

Change the location of your range extender to keep WiFi interference away. Apart from the examples given earlier, it is recommended that you do not keep the extender near walls and in corners as they can also block the signals emitted from the wireless range extender thereby stopping them from reaching the Arlo camera and causing connectivity issues.

4th Solution: Avoid Overheating

Keep the extender away from direct sunlight. Additionally, keep it away from dust as much as possible. Even when you are able to connect the Arlo camera to the range extender, do not reverse this action. Otherwise, you will not be able to stop the performance of the camera and the extender from worsening. Plus, you will continue to face the same problem.

5th Solution: Reset Arlo Camera

In case none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips help you to get rid of the Arlo security camera not connecting to WiFi extender issue, then your last resort is to reset the networking device. You can easily do so by locating the Sync button on it and pressing it for a couple of seconds. After the reset process comes to an end, you need to do Arlo setup.

Wrap Up

And it is a wrap. With that, we are putting an end to this post. Hopefully, now you will be able to link the Arlo security camera to the wireless range extender installed at your house in an easy manner.