Arlo Solar Panel Not Charging

Arlo Solar Panel Not Charging – How to Fix

Chargeable Arlo solar panels are ultimate solutions to keep security cameras charged (not from low to full). Solar panels by Arlo are boon to the security cameras that are installed in the hard-to-reach places. These solar panels; as the name suggests get power from sun. Things can turn awry when the solar panel refuses to charge as it further can stop Arlo setup page access for cameras. With the help of this blog, we will try to address the same situation. Therefore, if you are tired of the Arlo camera not charging issue, you can rely on this post.

Solutions: Arlo Solar Panel Not Charging

Before you start focusing on other solutions given in the post, it is recommended that you try reconnecting the solar panel power/charging cable. There are times when the connection isn’t proper. All you have to do is unplug the cable and reinsert its both ends. Remember that you need to squeeze the sides of the plug for the unplugging and reinsertion process. The audibility of a click sound will let you know that the plug is fully inserted into the solar panel.

1. Position the Solar Panel Properly

No matter what happens, your Arlo solar panel is supposed to be placed in such a position that it gets the most sunlight. The amount of energy produced by the solar panel depends on various criteria including sun exposure, tilt angle, dust or debris, and weather conditions. Also, know that the same solar panel will produce different amount of energy in December than in the month of June. Here’s what you are supposed to take care of with respect to the position of your security camera:

Sunlight Exposure Your Arlo solar panel is supposed to be located in an Area that gets ample sunlight. Be certain about avoiding shady spots.
Direction It will be great if you mount the panel facing true south or true north direction. You can tilt it to the suitable angle for the latitude.

2. Take Care of Temperature Conditions

Temperature matters a lot when it comes to harnessing energy from the solar panel. If the Arlo solar panel not charging situation has shown up at your door, then it is probably due to unfavorable weather conditions. Maybe you have kept your chargeable solar panel in temperatures below freezing i.e. 32˚F or 0˚C.

Note: A solar panel is capable of generating energy even in freezing temperatures. But, the output is nearly zero due to reduced sunlight and lower temperatures. A layer of snow on a solar panel can reduce its efficiency and results in a potential damage if not cleared timely.

3. Check the Arlo Camera Battery

At the end of day, it is the Arlo camera battery that will stay charged due to the solar panel. There is a possibility that your security camera is at fault; not your Arlo solar panel. Therefore, you should definitely check the battery casing of your security camera and ensure that you have inserted the battery properly. In addition, it is suggested to get the battery casing cleared. Accumulation of dust and dirt in the battery casing of the camera can stop it from getting charged via a solar panel.

Arlo Camera Battery

4. Remove Dirt and Debris

If there is a layer of dirt and debris on your Arlo solar panel then it won’t get charged and you’ll keep facing the problem. We’re sure that we do not need to mention how dust and dirt affect the performance of a gadget. Therefore, we suggest you remove the layer of dirt from your solar panel so that it can get charged and in turn keep your security camera charged.

This is to inform you that you need to connect a fully charged Arlo security camera to the solar panel. It does not charge the camera battery from low to full; we repeat. The battery status can either be examined by the camera’s LED or with the help of the Arlo app dashboard that further can be accessed via Arlo login details.

Try Reducing the Camera Usage!

You can also attempt reducing the Arlo security camera usage for a couple of days. There is a high possibility that heavy usage of camera is draining the battery faster than the rate at which your Arlo solar panel is getting charged. Note your camera battery level and see whether the solar panel is charging or not.

The Conclusion

Arlo solar panels are amongst the most amazing products launched by Arlo that take the responsibility of keeping the security camera battery charged. But, the Arlo solar panel not charging issue can put everything at halt; especially, the security of your home network gets affected. By keeping the aforementioned techniques in mind, you will be able to get rid of the problem and make your solar panel as well as the camera work normally again.

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Arlo Solar Panel Not Charging – How to Fix

Thanks for sharing these tips! I was frustrated when my Arlo solar panel seemed to stop working. Your suggestions really helped me troubleshoot the issue and get it charging again!