Fix Arlo Camera Blinking Orange Issue

Basic Expert Tricks to Fix Arlo Camera Blinking Orange Issue

Many Arlo camera users are scratching their heads in frustration due to the Arlo camera blinking orange issue. In case you are one of them, you have landed on the right blog post. The reason being, we have talked about the topmost solutions through which converting the status of the LED light on the camera will become a piece of cake for you. Given this, you ought to continue reading.

How to Fix Arlo Camera Blinking Orange Issue?

The reason why the LED light on the camera is flashing orange or amber might depends on the model which you are using. Considering we are not aware of which model is in use, the reasons as well as the tips related to all of them have been explained below.

I. Arlo Ultra 2, Pro 4, Pro 3 Camera

In case you are using one of these models, then the reason why you are experiencing the Arlo camera blinking orange issue could be that the camera cannot be found, is out of range or the battery of the camera is low. Another reason could be that the camera failed to sync with the SmartHub or base station.

Solution: Consider rebooting your camera if you are using one of the above-given models. To do, you need to power it off, remove the battery, and hold on for some time. Once done, reverse these steps. By the way, this fix can also help one to fix Arlo login issues.

II. Arlo Pro 5S Camera

Do you own an Arlo Pro 5S camera? Well then, the reason behind the Arlo camera flashing orange issue in its case could be that a connection error has occurred during pairing. Additionally, the camera factory reset process got triggered. To learn what you can do to fix the issue, you ought to walk through the next section.

Solution: In the case of an Arlo Pro 5S camera, it is recommended that you go about the pairing process again. Wondering how that can be done without facing any technical issues? Read the instructions given in the product or user manual.

III. Arlo Go 2 Camera

In the case of Arlo Go 2 camera, a single blink in every one minutes indicates a low battery charge. Not just this, but a double blink every one minute lays out the sign that the battery charge level is very critical. In case the Arlo flashing orange light is rapid, then it means that the camera could not connect to the network with ease.

Arlo Go 2 Camera

Solution: Considering in the case of an Arlo Go 2 camera, the orange light issue is mainly because of the battery issues, it is recommended that you charge the battery without wasting any more of your precious time.

IV. Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

For those of you who are facing the Arlo camera blinking orange issue with their Arlo essential indoor cameras, it could due to an internet connectivity error or impartial setup. Want to know about the second reason? Yes? Well, the camera is offline. The following is what can be initiated to stop the camera from blinking orange:

Solution: In case the distance between the camera and the device providing the internet is way too much, then you ought to take our advice and bring them close to each other. This will eliminate very reason behind an internet connectivity issue.

V. Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Wire-Free Camera

More or less the reasons behind the orange light issue for two or three models are the same. Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo wire-free camera are such examples. The factor which could have contributed to the camera blinking orange issue in this case would be that the camera batteries are low. The next possibility could be, the camera failed to sync to the station.

Solution: If you have not done so yet, then connect the camera to the SmartHub or the Base Station. This is the only solution through which you can fix the Arlo camera blinking orange issue if you are using Arlo Pro 2 or wire-free camera.

In Conclusion

Once you are done reading the solutions mentioned above, you will be able to resolve the Arlo camera blinking orange issue in a hassle-free manner regardless of the model with which you have been experiencing it. By any chance, if you are still not able to, then your last resort is to restore or reset the Arlo camera in use to the factory default settings. For this, you are supposed to utilize the sync button.