Connect Arlo Camera to Phone via Arlo App

How to Connect Arlo Camera to Phone via Arlo App?

Everyone today is concerned about their security. Keeping homes and loved ones secure is essential. In an attempt to secure their properties, people prefer installing Arlo security cameras. These security cameras are gaining wide popularity these days due to the performance and extraordinary features that they offer. An amazing feature that Arlo camera offer is their easy setup. You can use your phone to accomplish the task of Arlo camera setup without any hassle. In this guide, we’ll help you learn how to connect Arlo camera to phone to complete its setup.

How to Use Phone to Set Up Arlo Camera?

To install an Arlo camera in your home or property, you need to log in to it first. This can be done using the mobile app that can be installed on your smartphone. Although, you can log in using the web interface on a PC, using a phone is always handy. You can easily set up and manage the camera on the phone with the help of the Arlo app. The app can be installed on Android as well as iOS phones. To install your security camera, the very first step is to install the app on your phone. It is thus suggested to head to the App Store or the Play Store and download Arlo app on your respective device.

How to Connect Arlo Camera to Phone?

The minute you are done installing the Arlo app on your smartphone, you can use it to carry out the camera installation. Add Arlo camera to the app and you’re good to go. The instructions provided below will help you connect Arlo camera to Arlo secure app.

  • Firstly, ensure that you have a secure and reliable internet connection. Do make certain that you have your camera or Base Station placed close to the WiFi router.
  • Secondly, check the Arlo camera battery. It should be sufficiently charged while you’re implementing its setup process.
  • Run the Arlo app that would have been installed by now.
  • Tap on the + icon on the app to add the camera to the app.
  • Select the Arlo camera that you wish to install by tapping on its icon from the list.
  • Now, choose the network connection type.
  • Turn on the camera and click on Continue.
  • You’ll have your router’s SSID listed in the list of available networks.
  • If the router’s WiFi is secure then enter the password and tap Continue.
  • Find the Sync button on your camera. Press and release it.
  • Scan the QR code on your Arlo camera using the app. Ensure to place the phone at least 8 inches away from the camera.
  • You’ll hear a chime sound when the code is read.
  • Confirm the same by tapping on Yes.
  • The camera will now detect the network and attempt to connect to it.
  • Finally, tap on Continue and the Arlo camera setup is complete.


This is all about how to connect Arlo camera to phone and set it up using the Arlo app.

Benefits and Features of Arlo Secure App

Through this section, we bring to your consideration some benefits and features that the Arlo secure app has to offer to its users.

1. Easy Setup

The app lets you complete the Arlo security camera installation using simple and easy to execute steps. The previous section will help you to get through the camera installation.

2. Get Notifications

The app provides you with an easy platform to receive instant notifications related to your Arlo camera. Every time there’s a visitor, you get notified immediately. You can manage and customize the notifications using the settings in the app.

3. Live Stream Videos

Live streaming the Arlo camera becomes easy using the Arlo app. You need not power on your PC every time you wish to check the camera feed. Simply unlock your smartphone and run the app. View live and recorded videos and camera feeds as and when you like.

4. Two-Way Audio

The app also allows you to have two-way communication with the visitors at your door step. Talk to the one who has reached your door simply with the help of the app and do the needful.

Wrapping It All Up

Let’s wrap it all up with the hope that we’ve provided you with sufficient information needed to learn how to connect Alro camera to phone. You can now use the Arlo secure app easily to set up the camera and manage it with simple taps on your smartphone.