connect arlo camera to xfinity wifi router

How to Connect Arlo Camera to Xfinity WiFi Router?

Arlo cameras are one of the most important parts of your house security. You can easily connect it to your phone with the help of your phone via Arlo app.

There is base station, Arlo camera, its batteries, Ethernet cable, stands, power cord, adaptor and a user quick guide manual for setup in the Arlo box.

Here, you will get a short tour of arlo camera setup, which includes how to connect Arlo camera to Xfinity WiFi home router, installation of Arlo app, and troubleshooting tips. Now, let’s start the blog straight with the Arlo setup.

How to setup Arlo security camera in your house?

There are two sub sections down here, in which one will explain how to connect Arlo camera to Xfinity WiFi and other will contains the steps to setup the Arlo app in your phone.

Connecting Arlo to Xfinity Router

  • Un-box the Arlo devices and take out the Ethernet cable, base station, power cord and place it near to the router.
  • At first, connect Ethernet cable to the internet port of the Arlo station and router’s LAN cable.
  • Now, insert the power cord to the power port of the base station and connect it into wall socket.
  • Press the power On/Off button given on the front of the station to turn it on.

By following above written steps, you have completed the base station step.Now, you have to take out the Arlo cameraand its batteries from the box and insert them in the camera. Choose a location where you want to fix the camera. It is time to download Arlo app in your phone by applying simple steps written below.

Downloading Arlo App in Phone

From the Arlo app in your phone, you can easily watch the live stream of your house, control the camera, and adjust its settings. Let’s see how you can download the app and set it up in your phone.

  • You have to connect your phone to your Xfinity WiFi router by using its SSID username and password.
  • Now, go to the Play Store app in your phone and search the Arlo app in it.
  • A download page will appear on the phone screen, where you have to just tap of the Download icon.
  • The Arlo app starts installing in your phone, after the installation, just open it and make an account.
  • Select Create New Account and it will redirect you to Arlo sign up page in your mobile device.
  • Enter your Email address, first and last name, generate new password and finish the app setup.

Adding Arlo Camera in App

  • Open the app and select the Add (+) icon.
  • The app will search the device, but should be connected to the router.
  • Just select the model and name of the Arlo camera.
  • Now, you have successfully added the camera in the app and you can access live streaming and other features of the Arlo.


  1. Make sure you have configured your Xfinity router by going into its interface by using the router IP address.
  2. Be sure the router is up-to-date, if not then upgrade the router firmware by access the web interface of the Xfinity router.

After completing the Connect Arlo Camera to Xfinity WiFi process(Arlo setup), you must take a look at some troubleshooting tipswritten down here.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Don’t use the damaged cables like Ethernet cable and power cord to connect other networking devices and supply power to Arlo base station.
  • Update the Arlo app whenever it demands by going in the play Store app and tapping the UPDATE button.
  • Never connects the Arlo base station where electronic devices are nearby to the router or Arlo station.
  • You can also connect the camera directly to the Xfinity router with the help of the app by going into Network settings>WiFi>forgot network and then connect a new one.

Let’s Wrap Up

Here is the end of the Arlo setup, where you have got knowledge about how to connect Arlo camera to Xfinity WiFi router. You have also read some of the troubleshooting tips. Hope, you have read the entire blog and successfully connected your camera to home Xfinity WiFi router.