Connect Arlo to Smartlocks

How to Connect Arlo to Smartlocks [A Quick Connection Guide]

Keyed locks are always not the convenient solutions when it comes to home security. Kids can lock themselves in the house and you won’t be left with any other option breaking the lock. Thankfully, locks without keys or smart locks entered the market that is a perfect upgrade to existing door locks. They are safer in terms of security. The best thing is that if you integrate them with your wireless security cameras. Of course, we are not going to highlight what security cameras are capable of doing. Instead, we will focus on benefits that you will get if you connect Arlo to smartlocks. Arlo here is used for security cameras brought in by the same company. Read on.

The Ultimate Home Automation [Connect Arlo to Smartlocks]

With the help of Arlo security cameras, you will be able to know about the incidents that are taking place in the vision range of the camera. You can monitor deliveries, have a watch over your sweethearts in all parts of the house, and let’s not forget that, they help you identify strangers entering your property. This can be done via the Arlo app or the login URL. This is to inform you that when you connect Arlo to smartlocks, an ultimate home security system will be created. Here are a few benefits that you will get after pairing your security camera with a smart lock:

  • You will be able to open door for expected guests just with the tap of a button. However, it depends on the smartlock owned by you. The feature will be of great help if you are feeling lazy enough not to get out of the bed.
  • Delivery monitoring is another thing that you will do once you join your security camera to a smartlock. You can ensure that they are secure.
  • You can also communicate with visitors using a device that supports two-way audio no matter whether you are present in your house or are away. This thing enables you to instruct delivery people to leave the delivery outside or inside so that your assets can stay safe. Of course, you can have security footages.
Quick Tip
Arlo benefits its users by bringing in its smart doorbells that performs the same way as the integration of an Arlo security camera and a smartlock does. Therefore, if you are planning you install and monitor everything using a single mobile application; it is recommended that you invest in an Arlo doorbell that can be accessed via the Arlo app. However, you might need an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station for the same.

How to Connect Arlo to Smartlocks?

Connecting Arlo to smartlocks is never a big deal. All you need is the mobile application dedicated to the smartlock you own and connect your mobile phone to the same WiFi network to which you want your smartlocks to connect. Below, we have mentioned the steps to connect your smartlock to a WiFi network:

  • Ensure that your mobile phone is connected to the 2.4 GHz band.
  • Once done, launch the default app programmed for your smartlock.
  • The next step is to choose the desired lock.
  • Find Settings or a page that provides you access to the smartlock settings.
  • Now, walk through the prompts appearing on the screen to connect your smartlock to WiFi.
Note: We suggested you connect your smartphone to the 2.4 GHz network because Arlo security cameras work on the same frequency. For a successful connection, it is important that your WiFi security camera, smartlock, and mobile phone connects to the same WiFi network.

What If You Fail to Connect Arlo to Smartlocks?

There may be chances that your camera will fail to connect to Smartlocks. In that scenario, you are suggested to take the aid of the techniques mentioned here:

1. Reduce the Camera, Router, and Smartlock Gap

You can’t move your smartlock due to obvious reasons and the same thing applies to the Arlo camera. To make it possible for your devices to stay connected effortlessly, you are required to do a little experiment with the location of the router or the gateway. It must be present in the centre of your smartlock and security camera.

2. Update the Camera Firmware

The outdated firmware of any of the devices involved in the connection process can also bring you to face such a fate. To resolve the problem, you are suggested to log in to the app using the Arlo camera login details and install the latest version of the firmware on the camera.

The Concluding Thought

That’s all about the integration of an Arlo camera with a smartlock. It is expected that after you connect Arlo to smartlocks, you will be able to turn your home into an ultimate security system. However, we still suggest you invest in Arlo video doorbells if you want to avoid all the mess of this connection process.