Arlo Camera Blinking Blue Light

How to Fix Arlo Camera Blinking Blue Light?

Security of your belongings, when you are not at home, has been a question for ages. But thankfully, wireless security cameras by Arlo ensure that everything remains safe when you can’t stay physically with your possessions. However, you need to set up the camera to keep everything under surveillance. Apart from this, you must also make yourself familiar with the LED behavior of your security camera. It is because without knowing about them, you won’t be able to make the most of your security camera. This post exclusively focuses on the blue color appearing on the LED light of your device. So, when does the Arlo camera blinking blue light situation shows up and is there anything that needs to be done from your side? Let’s find out.

But, before all that, we want to make you aware of the fact that the camera blinks blue during and after the setup process. Both, these situations are different and so do the requirements to fix the issue [if there are any].

Arlo Camera Blinking Blue Light [During Setup]

1. Slow Blinking Blue

If your wireless security camera is slowly blinking blue, then you should know that it is trying to create a connection with a WiFi network. It also means that your camera is in QR scanning mode [ready for scanning].

What you must do in this case is wait as the connection creation process may take a while. FYI, the WiFi network that we are talking about may belong to your host gateway or Arlo SmartHub or Base Station.

2. Fast Blinking Blue

When the security camera’s LED light starts blinking blue rapidly, it must be concluded that the connection with the WiFi network is successful and you can proceed with the Arlo setup process.

However, if your camera is still blinking blue slowly, then it means that the connection still needs to be established. Therefore, the Arlo camera blinking blue light slowly during setup can be an issue if the situation stays for longer. In this case, you are required to make sure that your camera lies in the range of the SmartHub/Base Station or the main gateway. Now, let’s move ahead and reveal the message conveyed by the camera when it blinks blue after the completion of the setup process.

Arlo Camera Blinking Blue Light [After Setup]

The security camera may blink blue fast after the completion of the installation process. If this situation shows up, then it is a sign that your camera is in charging mode. To be specific, your Arlo device’s power adapter is connected to a wall socket or the camera is sharing a connection with Arlo Solar Panel [optional].

Arlo Camera Blinking Blue and Amber

This is to inform you that blue is not the only color flashed by your security camera. Sometimes, it may also flash amber color. In this situation, both colors appear alternatively. If it happens, then it means that the camera’s firmware is being updated.

With that said, you are not supposed to do anything with your camera until the process does not get completed. To be specific, do not turn off the camera or disconnect it from the internet when the Arlo camera blinking blue and amber situation shows up. Interrupting the camera’s firmware upgrade process may put it at risk of permanent damage.

Arlo Camera Solid Blue

The previous sections revealed when the security camera blinks blue [slow and fast] during and after the setup process. You also got to learn when the camera flashes blue and amber alternatively. But, the LED light present on the camera also turns solid blue sometimes. Do you know what that means?

Well, it means that the camera is powered up and has enough charging to work efficiently. However, the light is supposed to get turned off after showing a solid blue color. It happens because the camera needs to conserve battery power. You can turn the Battery Charged LED off by accessing the settings of your camera by signing in to it using the Arlo account login details.

However, there is a special case too. If it is an Arlo Essential Indoor security camera that is showing a solid blue color, then it is a sign that the camera is armed. In other words, it is capable of detecting every movement happening right in front. You can also turn this off by accessing the Arlo camera dashboard.

Everything Considered

Our post focused on the Arlo camera blinking blue light situation has now come to an end. We also made you aware when the camera flashes a solid blue color. Keeping that in mind, we’re now signing off with the hope that you will be able to fix the situation if anything wrong happens with the LED lights of your camera.