How to Install Arlo Camera

How to Install Arlo Camera Hassle-Free [Simplified Process]

In case you want to prevent theft and vandalism, then having an Arlo camera installed in your house will act as a strong deterrent in keeping away break-ins. Given this, are you interested in learning how to install Arlo camera as soon as possible? Yes? Well, in that case, you ought to walk through the instructions mentioned in this blog post.

How to Install Arlo Camera via Base Station?

  • Search for the Arlo Secure application on the store and download it.
  • Avoid messing around with the process by performing background activities.
  • Open up the Arlo app and go to the end of the page.
  • You will now have to select the Add Device button.
  • Select Camera and choose the type like Ultra, Essential, or Pro.
  • Choose the model and Base Station.

Note: Base Station not installed? Tap the Add New SmartHub button. Once done, plug the adapter into the electrical socket, and hit the Continue button.

  • Connect the battery into the camera.
  • Arlo will be looking for your camera now.
  • The next step in line is to name your device and hit Continue.
  • Once done, mount the Arlo camera carefully.
  • To learn about how to mount arlo camera outside, read the manual.
  • Tap the Finish button to complete the Arlo setup process.

How to Install Arlo Camera Directly to WiFi?

  • Get access to the Arlo application.
  • Select Add New Device > Cameras.
  • Choose the type and model.
  • Once done, select Connect without SmartHub and hit Continue.
  • Pair your mobile device to a 2.4 GHz WiFi.
  • Return to the application.
  • Input the required details.
  • Hit the Sync button.

Note: If you are using an Arlo Pro 4 device, insert the battery and hit the Continue button. Hit the button named sync on the inside of the camera. Let the LED starts blinking blue.

  • Hold the QR code for a few seconds.
  • Soon you will hear a chime sound.
  • Click the Continue button, name the camera, and then position it.
  • In order to put an end to the installation process, hit the Finish button.

How to Configure Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera?

  • Execute the first seven steps in the same manner as given in the last process.
  • Once done, connect the battery to the camera.
  • Keep the camera separate from the housing.
  • When the LED light becomes blue in color, hit the Continue button.
  • Hold the QR code about four to six inches in front of the camera lens.
  • Name the Arlo camera and hit the Next option.
  • Pair the Arlo Floodlight camera with the Arlo Secure app.
  • Hit Continue and proceed to learning how to mount Arlo camera outside.
  • Place the device in an area that has a strong bandwidth.
  • Ensure that the battery of the camera in used is fully charged.
  • Check the position of the camera.
  • Go through the instructions given ahead for testing.
  • Select the Finish button.

Arlo Camera Installation Preventive Measures

Many users experience issues while learning how to install Arlo camera. In case you are afraid that you will land amongst them, then you should read these steps:

  • Make sure that you are keeping the Arlo camera away from thick concrete walls. Otherwise, its view will get blocked thereby making it useless for you.
  • Another thing which you need to keep in mind during the setup process is that you should be updating the latest version of the Arlo application.
  • If you are using the manual method to install the camera, ensure that the default Arlo login credentials are being entered without any typing errors.
  • Keep WiFi interfering devices away from the device providing internet to the mobile. Otherwise, the signals will get interrupt and cause issues for you.
  • Ensure that your mobile device is not infected with viruses or other malicious software. For prevention, keep an antivirus application installed on it.

The Bottom Line

And you are done. If you approach towards reading the instructions mentioned above was careful, then you will surely be able to learn how to install Arlo camera in a hassle-free manner. Now, you do not have worry about the security of your house because this top-notch device has got everything covered. To ensure that its performance stays up-to-the-mark, it is recommended that you keep updating it.