How to Install Arlo VMC2030 Essential Spotlight Camera?

How to Install Arlo VMC2030 Essential Spotlight Camera?

What my kids might be doing? What if an intruder breaks into my house? How should I keep an eye on the happenings in and around my house? If you are someone whose mind is filled with such questions when away from the home, then trust us, an Arlo VMC20230 essential spotlight camera will be one of the best security devices you will invest in. The camera comes equipped with the latest security features which not only notices the activities inside and outside your house but also alarms you in case of any suspicious activity.

All thanks to the camera’s integrated spotlight and 1080p video recording quality that ensures the top-notch security of your house. The full duplex 2-way audio feature makes it possible for you to talk to your visitors right from the comfort of your bed.

The high-powered infrared LEDs with IR cut filter are enough to provide you with colorful night visions and you’ll get a clearer view up to 130°. But, to access all these features of the VMC2030 camera, you need to set it up. The step-by-step guidelines mentioned in this post will not only help you install the Arlo security camera in the house but also help you avoid issues during the process.

Steps to Set Up Arlo VMC2030 Camera

Before you start installing your Arlo security camera, unbox it and identify the packaged contents. Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • Your Arlo essential spotlight VMC2030 camera
  • Power kit
  • Wall mount
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Wall mount screw kit
  • A quick start guide

Step 1: Charge Your Arlo Camera

As soon as you unbox your VMC2030 security camera, you are required to charge it. Therefore, grab the micro-USB cable and connect its micro end to the camera. The other end is supposed to be connected to a power adapter. Thereafter, connect the adapter to any working wall socket in your house and press the Power button. The blue LED on your Arlo VMC2030 essential spotlight camera will stabilize indicating that the battery is full.

Step 2: Get the Arlo App

Now that your wireless security camera is fully charged, unlock your mobile phone and get the Arlo Secure app downloaded on it. You can take the help of the app store of the mobile phone to download the app. But, make sure that you do not download an obsolete version of the Arlo application. Otherwise, you may encounter issues while setting up the device.

Step 3: Log in to the Arlo App

The next step you need to follow in order to complete the installation process of your Arlo VMC2030 camera is to log in to the app. If you have an existing Arlo account, then log in to the app using the required details. However, if you are a new user, select “New to Arlo” and consider creating your Arlo account using your email ID and password.

Step 4: Let the Arlo VMC2030 Access Your WiFi

Once you’re done creating the Arlo account, you will see the dashboard of the app. Select Camera. Now, you need to provide the home network’s internet access to your camera with the help of the instructions provided in the app. However, these instructions will be able to help you only if you want your camera to access the home network directly. Once your camera gains access to the home WiFi network’s 2.4GHz band, configure other settings of your camera by tapping the respective tabs and saving the changes.

Just in case you have got an Arlo base station, then you have to sync it with your VMC2030 essential spotlight camera to provide WiFi access. The instructions to provide internet access to the security camera via the base station are provided in the next section.

How to Sync Arlo VMC2030 to Base Station?

The Arlo base station needs to be directly connected to your main gateway via an Ethernet cable. For flawless internet access, we suggest you make use of a working Ethernet cable. Additionally, make sure that the connection between your base station and the host gateway is nowhere near shaky. Here’s how you can provide internet access to your Arlo essential security camera via the base station:

  • Ensure that your Arlo base station is getting seamless power and security camera is charged.
  • After that, look for the Sync button on your security camera and press it.
  • Now, pay attention to your base station and press the Sync button present on it.
  • Your Arlo VMC2030 will start accessing the 2.4GHz network of your host gateway.
  • Get back to the Arlo app and set your camera up by saving changes as per your needs.

As a Final Observation

Installing an Arlo VMC2030 camera is all about letting it access the home WiFi network to ensure safety in and around the house. We hope that the instructions mentioned above will help you set up your essential spotlight camera with ease.

Once you’re done with the setup process, make use of the wall-mount screw kit and mount your security camera. While doing so, ensure that the vision of your camera is not getting blocked due to translucent or opaque surfaces. Now, you are free to arm your Arlo VMC2030, update its firmware, and change mode rules. To know more about the settings of an Arlo security camera, ping our technical support team right away.