Setup Push Notifications on Arlo Security Device

How to Setup Push Notifications on Arlo Security Device?

Arlo Security cameras are pretty easy to install in your house by using some simple steps. But there are several features that Arlo provide user to make the security performance better.

Arlo live streaming, push notification, web interface utility, Arlo security app, Arlo app and many more features and utilities are provided and accessible to the users easily.

Here in this blog, you will learn how to enable push notifications on Arlo with the help of some steps through your computer as well as phone. So, let’s start by turning the Arlo base station and camera on.

Start Arlo Security Device

The first steps to turn on the Push notification is connecting the Arlo to the router and turning it on.

  • Make sure the router is connected to the base station with the help of the Ethernet cable.
  • The Ethernet cable pattern is router’s LAN port and base station Ethernet port.
  • Turn it on by connecting the power cord to the connector and inserting its adaptor to wall socket.
  • Then, press the power On/Off button. After starting the Arlo device you have to access the Arlo interface.

Access Arlo Through Computer

Here in this section, you will get to know how to access the Arlo interface and turn on Push Notification through your computer with the help of some steps.

  • To access, connect computer to the router which is connected to the Arlo base station.
  • Then, open up web browser in your computer and search the login URL address
  • The browser will load up the login page, here just enter username and password.
  • Click on Next button to reach the Arlo interface dashboard, where you see live streaming option and more others.

Enable Push Notfication on Arlo

  • On the Arlo dashboard, you have to open Mode tab and select Arlo device (for which you want to set up notifications).
  • Then, click on the Pencil icon to change the settings. A collection of rules will show up which make the mode displays.
  • Select the Pencil icon again next to the rule, which you want to setup.
  • Find and select check box next to the Push Notification option to receive notifications on your mobile device.

You can also turn on the Push Notification from your phone by using the Arlo security app.

Log in to Arlo Using Phone

There will be simple steps in this section of the blog to log in to the Arlo interface dashboard and turn on the push notifications on Arlo.

Log in to Arlo Using Phone

  • At first, you have to connect your phone to router using the SSID details to access internet.
  • Then, you have to download the Arlo Security app in your phone.
  • Go to the Play Store app and search Arlo app in it to reach to download page.
  • Just tap on the download icon to start the installation of app.
  • Open the app after installing it, reach the login page, type the username and password, and touch Log In.
  • Get access to the dashboard and follow the same steps that are given above in the ‘enable Push Notifications on Arlo’ sub section.

Now, have a look at some of the troubleshooting tips to make the push notification setup error free.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Don’t use damaged cables like Ethernet cable and power cord to connect router to Arlo base station.
  • Never use the outdated version of the web browser of your computer to access the Arlo security camera and enable push notification.
  • You must follow all the steps that are given above if you want to activate push notifications on Arlo camera.
  • Must make sure that you have completed Arlo setupfirst by checkingthe Arlo settings by accessing the Arlo device.

The End Note

Here, you have learned how to setup push notifications on Arlo security camera with the help of some of the easy steps. This setup includes accessing the Arlo interface through computer, enabling push notification, log in to the interface using phone, and troubleshooting tips.