Arlo Camera Not Connecting to WiFi

Most-Used Methods for Arlo Camera Not Connecting to WiFi

If you are having trouble trying to connect your Arlo camera to your home network, there are a few things that you can do. First of all, restart the WiFi device. See if giving it a fresh start helps you to resolve the Arlo camera not connecting to WiFi problem. By any chance, it does not, then you may take the help of the following troubleshooting methods.

It is recommended that you read all the solutions given below. Do not get de-motivated if the basic ones fail to help you. As you will read further, you will come across the advanced tips that can assist you to bid adieu to the connectivity issue.

Fixes for Arlo Camera Not Connecting to WiFi

1. Place the Arlo Camera in Range

The primary reason why you are experiencing issues while trying to connect the Arlo camera to your home WiFi is because the camera is not kept within the range of the WiFi device. Have you ever noticed that when you go away with your mobile phone from the networking device, the signal drops? Yes? Well, the same is the situation with the camera.

To ensure that it gets under control in no time, it is recommended that you locate the Arlo camera near the WiFi device. In case the problem persists, you may continue reading. It is a myth that just because one solution did not help you, the rest will do the same.

2. Check the Network Compatibility

Another reason why you may not be able to connect the camera to the WiFi is that your network is not compatible with the camera. You ought to know that for your Arlo device to work, it needs a 2.4 GHz network. However, in case the network is set to 5 GHz, then there it is no shocker why your camera is refusing to connect to the WiFi network of your home.

Taking this into consideration, you should check the compatibility of your network and if what we are saying is true, make the required changes by accessing the SETTINGS menu. To learn how to switch the channel, go through the steps given in the manual.

3. Upgrade the Arlo Camera Firmware

Arlo regularly releases firmware updates in order improve the performance as well as the compatibility of its products. Chances are that you skipped updating the firmware of your Arlo camera to the latest version when you were notified of the same. No problem. You can rectify your mistake by updating the Arlo camera now to its recent version.

Upgrade the Arlo Camera Firmware

For this, you are supposed to access the main dashboard of the ARLO SETUP page. To gain more knowledge about the execution of the process, go to the official Arlo website. Along with the firmware update process, you will learn about the other aspects of your camera like its specifications, placement tips, and much more.

4. Give the Arlo Camera a New Start

In the introduction of this blog, we recommended you to restart your WiFi device as the first attempt to resolve the Arlo camera not connecting to WiFi problem. Now, we will shed light on the importance of rebooting the Arlo camera you are using. Sometimes, minor reasons like technical glitches can also cause connectivity issues.

Rebooting the Arlo camera will help you get rid of such minor reasons and the issue that got caused because of them. Thus, without any further ado, given your camera a fresh start by unplugging the camera, removing the battery, and then reversing the steps.

5. Restore Arlo Camera Model in Use

Resetting the Arlo camera is the ultimate solution to fix the camera not pairing up with WiFi issue. Considering this solution has caught your attention, we are guessing the same issue is bothering you. To troubleshoot it, you need to reset or restore the networking device to the default factory settings with the following steps.

Find the placement of the SYNC BUTTON and press it. Hold it for more than a minute. Soon the light will become solid. Now, you ought to let go of the button and reinstall the camera. You have the option to choose from the two setup methods, app and web interface.


Sum Up

Here sums up the blog written on the solutions that can be used to fix the Arlo camera not connecting to WiFi problem. Despite implementing all the methods given above, if you still cannot create a connection between the devices, then it means that there is something wrong with your WiFi network itself rather than the camera in use.

Given this, you should not think twice before you choose to ring your service provider. There could be something wrong from his end. Thus, let him have this chance to fix the issue and allow your camera to regain WiFi access.