Techniques to Extend WiFi For Arlo Pro 3 Camera

Techniques to Extend WiFi For Arlo Pro 3 Camera

Millions of people believe that Arlo Pro 3 camera is one of the top smart home security cameras. As it keeps the properties and home safe. Arlo Pro 3 camera is the best option for those who looking for CCTV. This camera is very well-designed; it can even be installed wirelessly. You just have to charge it every six months. But, despite being an amazing device people experience the issue to extend WiFi for the Arlo Pro 3 camera.

If you are also experiencing the same and looking for guidance to extend WiFi for the Arlo Pro 3 camera, then you are at the perfect place. Here, in this write up we will tell you about the most working techniques to extend WiFi. So we advise you don’t skip the information from the post.

Hacks to Extend WiFi For Arlo Pro 3 Camera

Here we mentioned all the possible solutions that work effectively and quickly. We suggest you walk through the entire hacks that are mentioned below.

Relocate the Router or Camera

We know that it is difficult to pick a specific tip to extend WiFi for Arlo Pro 3 camera, but adjusting the positions of the router and camera is a good and simple hack. Here we listed some points that you have to keep in mind:

  • Try to move the host router to the center location of the house. By doing this you can not only extend the WiFi but also improve the WiFi strength.
  • If your router has antennas then position them vertically, so that the device extends the WiFi range in a better way.
  • Elevate your networking device away from floors. You’ll get better reception if the router is on a desk, or shelf not on the floor.

Check the WiFi Channel

Now you should check the WiFi channel of the router. Because every networking device has come with two frequency bands that help to spread the signals. We tell you this because by default networking devices support the 2.4GHz band which is not supported sometimes by the connected devices.

So, there is a chance that your Arlo Pro 3 camera supports 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz. To check the frequency band you need to access the dashboard of the Arlo camera. You can also use the user manual that came with it the first time. In the user manual, you will get all information related to your camera.

Plus, also check the traffic of the channel that you use because sometimes over traffic on the channel device does not spread the WiFi. So, always try to select the low congested channel.

Update the Firmware of Arlo

Updating the firmware of the Arlo camera plays a very important role. Because updated firmware enhances the performance of the camera and to extend WiFi for Arlo Pro 3 camera. So, we suggest you check the firmware version of the device. Maybe your device runs on its outdated version.

If you found your device firmware is outdated then update it at the same time because outdated firmware causes WiFi issues.

Once the device is updated you will get the best performance of the device and also see the improvement in the extended WiFi for Arlo Pro 3 camera.

Remove Wireless Interference

We all know that wireless interference in networking devices is very common nowadays. To reduce the interference on your wireless network obey the following points:

  • Do not keep electronic devices like speakers, smart TV, or washing machine near the device.
  • Ensure that you are reducing the number of devices in the area.
  • To increase wireless bandwidth, it will be necessary to keep interferences in mind while setting up your workspace.

Hence these are the hacks that will help you to extend WiFi for Arlo Pro 3 camera.

Bottom Lines

Now you know all the possible troubleshooting tips that work effectively and quickly to extend WiFi for Arlo Pro 3 camera. You just need to implement them as mentioned. In case you have any doubts or concerns regarding the Arlo Pro 3 camera, you can reach out to our team.