Uncovering the Truth Can You Use Arlo

Uncovering the Truth: Can You Use Arlo without Subscription

Are you amongst those users who constantly hear the sound of one particular question in their heads, “Can I use Arlo without subscription?” Yes? Well then, guess what? You will find the answer to that question in this blog post. You need to continue reading for that.

Does Arlo Require a Subscription?

Truth be told, you can use your Arlo camera without a subscription, however it does not change the fact that most features will be disabled. In simple words, without a subscription, you will be able to get your hands only on a handful number of features.

Following are the features which you will be able to access with no plan:

For Arlo Wire-Free, Arlo Baby Camera, Pro 2, Arlo Go:

  • Push notifications
  • Two-way audio
  • Live streaming up to 1080p resolution
  • Local storage recording
  • 7-day free cloud recording

For Arlo Ultra, Essential Series, Arlo Go 2, Pro 3 Series:

  • Local storage recording
  • Two-way audio
  • Live streaming up to 4K resolution
  • Auto Zoom and tracking
  • Push notifications

You see? These were the only features that you can get your hands on if you do not purchase a subscription. Now, let us talk about the features that come included if you buy plans like ARLO SECURE, ARLO SECURE PLUS, and ARLO SAFE PLAN.


Available Arlo Subscription Plans: Features

1. Arlo Secure Plus

You get the advantage of recording to the Arlo cloud with up to 4K video resolution on not just one, but more than one camera if you buy the Arlo Secure Plus subscription. As an add-on, you will be able to store your clip for up to 30 days. This means that in those 30 days, you can watch and re-watch them when needed. Here are some more features of this plan:

  • Emergency response
  • 30 days cloud recording
  • Person and animal detection

For your information, if you need more details regarding a particular subscription plan, you need to open the Arlo application and perform Arlo login.

2. Arlo Secure Plan

Just like the last plan, you can record to the Arlo cloud with the same video resolution on more than a single camera. Along with this, the 30-day storage comes as an advantage. There are more features that you should become aware of which this plan offers. They have been outlined further in this section:

  • Both singles and unlimited camera plans are available
  • Vehicle and package along with person detection
  • Interactive notifications and let us not forget cloud activity zones

You should know unlimited camera support plans apply only to those cameras that are placed at a residential location which is single. Also, the one that is on the same account.

3. Arlo Safe Plan

This plan is known to act as a personal safety application for one’s peace of mind as it comes with on-touch emergency activation. This means that if you are ever in danger, you will have it at the back of your mind that help is there. The Arlo Safe plan is divided into three components in total: Individual Plan, Family Plan, and Safe & Secure Pro Plan.

Family Plan

  • Safety monitoring
  • Family check-ins
  • All features of the individual plan
  • Place alerts
  • Support for unlimited family members

Individual Plan

  • Crash detection as well as response
  • Support for 365 days
  • Cloud witness incident recording
  • Alerts to emergency contacts
  • 24/7 personal safety expert
  • Alerts to emergency contacts

Safe & Secure Pro Plan

This plan includes the features of two subscription plans: ARLO SAFE FAMILY PLAN and ARLO SECURE PLUS. What it has of its own is professionals monitoring service.

What More You Need Know?

You ought to know that there are some Arlo cameras that have the capability to record without any stop when they are plugged in. In order to enable your camera to record at all times of the day, you should opt for the CVR plan. CVR stands for CONTINUOUS VIDEO RECORDING. The name of the plan says it all.

To Conclude

We are expecting that after going through the information presented, you have got a clear picture of whether you should use an Arlo without subscription or with one. On the off chance, you are still not convinced of the same, then it is highly recommended that you go through the information given related to the plans on the official website of Arlo camera.