Arlo Geofencing Not Working and How to Fix It

Why Is Arlo Geofencing Not Working and How to Fix It?

Geofencing is a virtual fence that a user can enable via the Arlo app. The purpose enabling of this feature is to get aware of the activities; especially entries and exits happening in that pre-defined zone. One can use the feature to arm, disarm, or schedule the modes when the user is in the activity zone or outside that zone. But, various complaints regarding the non-working status of this feature have been reported these days. It we look at the stats, then 3 out of 5 users are facing the Arlo Geofencing not working issue.

Is the Geofencing feature also not working for you? Don’t worry!Walk through the information penned down in the blog.We will not only tell yous the reasons causing the issue, but also the solutions to fix it. Go on reading!

Solutions: Arlo Geofencing Not Working

Below-given are the solutions that you must follow if the Geofencing function is not working for you on the Arlo app. It is recommended to apply these fixes one-by-one. Do not get disappointed if one solution fails to help you out. We’ve a bundle of solutions here.

1. Enable Location Services on Mobile

The Feature won’t work for you if the Android device on which you have installed the Arlo app is not sharing the location with the camera. You are supposed to adjust the camera settings as given below:

Android iOS
Location Permission: ON Share My Location: ON
Location Services: ON Location Services: Always
Battery Saver: OFF Airplane Mode: OFF
Data Limit: OFF Push Notifications: Enabled
Airplane Mode: OFF Background App Refresh: Enabled
Push Notifications: Enabled Cellular Data: Enabled

2. Active Mobile Phones are in the Location Zone

There are chances that more than one iOS or Android devices on which your Arlo account is running are present in the Device Location zone. We highly recommend you keep this device limit to one. If possible, use the device (mobile phone) that you carry always.


Let us illustrate this with the help of an example: If you use an Android phone on regular basis and have set an Arlo account on that, you should set your phone as an Enabled Device in the Geofencing settings. You can review the participant devices by accessing the Arlo setup URL on a device connected to the same network and frequency band as your security camera. Check the Geofencing settings and see the list of connected devices. Remove those devices that you don’t want to trigger the mode change.

Check If Any Task-killing App Is There

Many times, it is not the camera or the Arlo app, but a third-party app does not allow the function like Arlo Geofencing work properly. We know such apps by the name – task-killing apps. Therefore, if you have installed Shutapp or Doze on your mobile phones, we recommend you disable them as they tend to suppress the mobile applications designed to manage Arlo devices.

3. Upgrade the Arlo App Version

The problem might also arise if you are using the old Arlo legacy app. Arlo usually rolls out new version of the app so that smoother device management can be done. For your information, some functions stop working whenever an updated version of the app gets launched on the App Store or Google Play Store. The Geofencing feature might have met the same fate. Know that when you install the new version of the app, the feature won’t work on the Arlo Legacy app and the new app will invite you to add that device to the Enabled Device list.

Note: In case you are a friend on someone’s Arlo account and want your phone to trigger the Home/Away mode for the selected area, you should ask the owner of the account to enable Geofencing for your device once again.

4. Get Access as a Friend

Perhaps, you are a friend on an Arlo account of someone, but the owner has not provided you access for the function. Therefore, you are suggested to ask your friend to follow the instructions mentioned below on his mobile phone’s Arlo app:

  • Launch the Arlo Secure app or go to
  • Tap Settings and select Account.
  • Select Grant Access.
  • You will see the list of your friends with the account status.
  • Tap the friend and Edit.
  • Select/deselect cameras.
  • Position the Allow Access Rights slider to the right to grant the Arlo Geofencing privilege to your friend.
  • Tap Done.

There are also chances that more than one device are sharing their locations on the Geofencing feature. Thus, we suggest you disable the location permissions for the Arlo app on additional devices.

The Final Thoughts

That’s all about what to do if the Arlo Geofencing not working issue troubles you. We are hopeful that with the help the techniques mentioned above, you will be able to make the feature work and will start getting correct alerts for the activities happening inside or around the fenced zone.